Sijo Lam Sai Wing

Lam Sai Wing was born in 1860 and lived until 1943. He was widely considered one of the best boxers of his time, and he was certainly one of the most famous. Lam Sai Wing inherited the Hung Gar style from his sifu, Wong Fei Hung, and passed it on to his nephew, current grandmaster Lam Cho.


Tai Tai Sigung Lam Cho

Lam Cho came from Pan Chao in Guangshou. An orphan, he was adopted and raised by his uncle, Lam Sai Wing. When his uncle went to Hong Kong, he went with him to learn martial arts. He was blessed with quick arms, a strong body, and superior physical dexterity. His uncle loved him as his own son, and taught him in the authentic martial arts tradition. He was highly intelligent, and quick to understand all the different styles of kung fu. Throughout his twenty years with his teacher, he accumulated vast experience in kung fu and the art of Chinese medicine. By virtue of his medical expertise, he helped thousands of people.


Sigung Lam Chun Fai

Chairman, Lam Sai Wing Alumni Association

Grand Master Lam Chun Fai, the eldest son of great-grandmaster Lam Cho was born in Hong Kong. Named by his great uncle Lam Sai Wing, he began his Hung Gar training at the age of 5 under the careful and strict guidance of his father. As a young man he assisted his father with teaching gung fu and treating patients.


Sifu Kinney

Paul Kinney has enjoyed the benefits of practicing Hung Gar Kung Fu for more than three decades and continues his practice through the authentic traditional kung fu teachings of the famous Grandmaster Lam Chun Fai, Son of the renowned, venerable Grand Master Lam Cho. Sifu Kinney’s Kung Fu practice emphasizes developing radiant health by connecting the mind, body and spirit in every moment.


Sifu Figueroa

His 36+ years of training experience offers instruction in the Southern Styles of Hung Gar and Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu.



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