Adult's Program

Hung Gar (Primary)

Also known as the Tiger and Crane System of the Chinese Martial Arts. A traditional Chinese martial arts system, (Lam Cho lineage) the most widespread of the five prevalent southern systems. Its origin is from the "fighting monks" of the first Shaolin (Siu Lum) Temple in Honan (Henan) province. It includes techniques, mimicking five animals - Tiger, White Crane, Dragon, Snake and Leopard. All the movements and techniques are simple, feasible and practical in self-defense or actual combat.

Choy Lay Fut

Considered as a Southern Chinese Kung Fu Style (Hung Sing) system which offers the benefits of Northern Kung Fu style footwork, sweeps and kicking techniques coupled with Southern style’s strong, over powering hand techniques. It contains open hand and palm strikes, and Shaolin animal techniques such as the tiger, dragon, snake, crane and leopard.

What makes these styles most popular is the diversity in the training. It teaches forms that will increase coordination, stamina, health and self-confidence. The powerful arts of Hung Gar and Choy Lay Fut combined will provide students with the skills and the confidence necessary for successful self-defense.

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Children’s Progressive Learning Program

Is the most comprehensive, age-specific Kung Fu training program designed specifically for children ages 4 to 13. See our Children’s Section for more details.

Empty Hand Forms

are prearranged movements, which carry the characteristics, technique, principal, philosophy, and tradition of a style.

Weapon Forms Training

an important and essential part of Kung Fu training concentrates on the important factors, which contribute to the scientific use of force and eye-hand coordination. These factors are speed, agility, balance, flexibility, accurate timing and target focus.


  • Physical

    Kung-fu provides the ultimate exercise for all ages. Through proven training techniques and exercises, Kung-fu increases flexibility, coordination, agility, speed and stamina. Students experience noticeable improvement in strength and muscle development. The overall effect of Kung-fu training amounts to a toned and healthy body.

  • Mental

    Kung-fu offers a healthy release for physical and mental stress. A feeling of self-confidence and self-esteem is gained as students progress through a series of Kung-fu levels and expanding abilities. The concentration, discipline and confidence acquired from Kung-fu will carry over into all aspects of life, fostering a general feeling of well-being.

  • Self-Defense

    Unlike any other form of exercise, martial arts offers the added benefit of self-defense.